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The Planning . . .

I have just confirmed a portion of the Africa leg of our trip.

Oh wait let me back up a minute. . .

I am Lina a Canadian living in Calgary with my Dutch fiance. We met years ago while both on a trip to Bali, Indonesia and soon after Bob moved to Canada to live with me. There are a lot more details than that but you get the point.

This fall we are going to Holland to tie the knot and in the process we will relocate ourselves from Canada to Holland. When we first got engaged and started thinking about our honeymoon we thought it would be nice to go back to where it all began in Bali. Then we started to expand on that and thought why not go to some of the places we've always wanted to see. Bob has been talking about Easter Island wouldn't this be a good reason to go? We can always go to Bali another time. Then we started dreaming of the possibilities. One thing led to another and my type A personality took over and now we are planning a world adventure!

Right now our plan is to leave Canada in September (after some in country travelling to say our goodbyes and visit some Canadian sites) and go to Holland where we will gather with our family and friends and say our "I do's". Once the party is over and we have had a couple of weeks to recoup we will leave for Africa.

The current plan after that is South America - Easter Island - some islands - Australia - Indonesia - SE Asia Loop - China - Russia - back to Holland our or my new home.

So like I said we are planning and part 1 of Africa, Tanzania, is booked!

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